Crop Planning

Understanding the past is necessary for predictive decision making

AgOS® Crop Planning is a complete agronomy crop planning tool with a strong agronomy sales emphasis. Our planning tool builds fertilizer recommendations from your grower’s soil test data. In addition to fertilizer, you can quickly plan crop protection, seed, custom application, and other service operations on a field-by-field basis.

AgOS® Crop Planning also links to your agronomy product pricing allowing you to display your choice of pricing, when you want to display it. We make it easy to understand input costs and agronomic variables that will effect future decisions and profitability.   

Features for Agronomists

Agronomists can track insect refuge for GMO seeds, record nutrient credits, plan multiple applications, record completed applications, build field histories and more.

Sales Management

AgOS® Crop Planning is designed to provide sales activity information for agronomy sales management and provides reports by salesman, by location, and across the company.

Building Grower Loyalty

AgWorks believes carefully developed crop plans win grower confidence and build grower loyalty. In today’s environment of high input costs, working closely with growers to increase their profits is fundamental to your success.


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