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Customer Support is the top priority for AgWorks Software! It is our goal to have world class support and we are dedicated to making this vision come true.¬†Top Quality Support depends on a knowledgeable team that communicates well internally and can relay this message to the customer. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions that arise.

The AgWorks Support Plan is a key element of our customer’s ongoing success and expertise with your agronomy operations solution. AgWorks Support offering is designed to deliver industry-leading services, helping you ensure greater overall success with your investment.

Our unlimited support offering is billed annually for the On Premise solutions and is included as part of your monthly fee for Hosted solutions.

Outlined below are those support tasks that are covered as part of your On Premise or Hosted Support plan and those tasks that fall into Professional Services Tasks and would be a billable event. Professional Services is billed at $150/hr.

Support Plan Tasks Includes:

  • Resolution process and time spent resolving software functionality that is not operating as designed which may not be as desired or expected by the end user.
  • Initial computer & handheld connection(s) to AgWorks Software
  • Updates to your learning environment with a database copy of your live data.
  • Hosted environment updates and configuration
  • Assistance with DOT update process
  • Adding new chemical products or adjusting existing products as requested

Professional Services Tasks Includes:

  • Resolution process and time spent resolving software functionality where the software is found not to be the cause of the issue.
  • Training and Consulting services ¬†other than online self-learning from videos, manuals, etc. (Remote or On-Site)
  • Custom change request design and coding (Subject to development timeline once design is completed and signed off on)
  • Configuration or reconfiguration of all network, wireless, hardware, printers, drivers, mapped drives, mobile devices, browser configuration etc. This includes but is not limited to:
    *New blender or plant automation integration / configuration
    *Electronic scale integration / configuration
    *Research time involved with network configuration to allow for ongoing communication to various operations equipment (Blenders, Scales, etc)
  • Reinstallation or configuration changes required for AgWorks Software modules, suite or upgrades which includes:
    *Transition of On Premise solution to / from to new or different servers
    *On-premise updates and configuration
    *Transition from Hosted to On Premise
    *Configuration and / or interface setup due to Accounting System change


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